//Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does "Akeed" mean? Why did you pick that name?

    Akeed in arabic means "For Sure". I chose this name after looking for days on the internet, places around my area, and in arabic and english dictionaries. My goal was trying to find something catchy and easy to remember. Also, I wanted something that represented my arabic background and myself as well. So I was looking at one arabic dictionary while scrolling down really quick, my eyes got caught on "Akeed" term. From that moment, it got stuck in my head and couldn't forget it. It had the arabic tone to it which I was looking for, and represented me in way that i usually don't say no to things. Then, I tested the name multiple times with people and I became "Akeed".
  2. Why the name "Personal Status"?

    I spent hours thinking and searching, trying find something that represented my mixes. For every mix, I have a different title that represented the moment when i was recording the mix, an event, holiday, story or anything I think fit the style of the mix. I wanted something that would be approriate for a radio show name, and keep the stories or moments behind each different title/mix. So, I came up with "Personal Status", because the mixes were kind off personal in way and depended on my moments, and "Status" represented the status, state, or time the mix belonged to.

//Technical Questions

  1. Having problems viewing or listening on this site?

    One of the main problems could be installing or updating Flash and JavaScript plugins. If problems still exists, try the viewing the website with another browser.
  2. How can I subscribe to "Personal Status" radio show on iTunes?

    1. Open up iTunes
    2. From the menu select "Advanced"
    3. Then select "Subscribe To Podcast"
    4. A box should popup asking for "URL"
    5. Type in "http://www.djakeed.com/podcast.xml", then hit OK.
  3. How can I download from this site?

    1. Right click on the download buttons or links
    2. From the right click menu, select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As"
    3. A save as window should pop up, and asks you for the location to save the file
    4. Select the desired location and hit save (download bar / progress bar should appear after save at this point, which means the file is being downloading)
    5. Finally when the download is complete, go to the location where you saved the file and enjoy the mix!